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High Power, Critical Timing Solution
Trantorque GTR keyless bushing is the ideal solution for high power or critical timing applications. It offers a mechanical shrink-fit eliminating the problems of fretting corrosion, backlash and key wallowing.
• Locks and unlocks with the twist of just one nut
• Precise radial and axial adjustment on shaft.
• Ideal for timing components
• Trantorque GTR is “self-centering” unlike other cone clamping units. It needs no location diameter in components to retain concentricity
• Repair of damaged keyways, just slip Trantorque GTR over the damaged keyway to effect repair
• Eliminates keyways thereby reducing shaft costs.
• Also allows smaller shaft as the keyway does not weaken the shaft
• Ambient operating temperature -34°C to +204°C

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